Doubt. – Chapter 0

Since K project is about to finish, I have decided to start translating a new series! This series called “Doubt.” is by Kirara – a Chinese manhua artist. It is BL, but also plot driven so technically it’s also mystery. The series is still updating, so I don’t know the ending, and we’ll see how it ends. So far it’s looking really good with really beautiful art though :). Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Plot Overview:  “I have my eyes on him, only him.” Ming ZiQi’s attention was drawn to Xiao Luo on his first day as a supervisor in practice. But as a simple murder case becomes something much more, it is time to seek out the truth…

Genre: Yaoi (?), Shounen Ai, Mystery, Crime

Please do not re-upload to other websites! I have asked the artist for permission to translate. I’m sorry that I don’t have the right to give other people permission to re-translate the series into another language! If you do wish to do so, I can give you the artist’s Weibo and you can contact her directly. Thank you for your support!

Chapter 1 will be out soon.




5 thoughts on “Doubt. – Chapter 0

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  1. This looks Really interesting! Thank you. You did every job of scanlation by yourself. That’s really amazing.

    I did notice a typo and though would let you know. When the cop is talking, he says “highly lightly” instead of “highly likely.”

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