The Skin Painter – Chapter 1

New Series! Again!

The Skin Painter – Chapter 1: Destiny 

Plot Overview: On Earth, spirits roam. As thousands of years pass, many curious and peculiar species are birthed. Some spirits satisfy their own desires by devouring weak human begins. With this, a group of humans possessing special powers came into being: exorcists, wizards… Within them, include those miraculous beings who defy natural laws. With one pen, they are able to redraw one’s features… We call them: Skin Painters. The manhua tells the story of the master (The Skin Painter) and his disciple as they travel the world.

Tags: Adventure, Fantasy, Historical, Suggestive Yaoi and Yuri but not really





4 thoughts on “The Skin Painter – Chapter 1

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    1. To be honest all the faces he draws look the same lol. And nahh the bride is involved but that’s the only female character in this series that’s sortta important (no spoilers)


      1. Good to hear, actually. I really dislike love triangles. This one has lovely art and an interesting-sounding premise, so it’d have been a real shame if it were ruined by a triangle.

        Thanks for picking this up!

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